About Us

The main profile of DuoDecad Ltd. is developing and operating multimedia services. Thanks to many years of experience, a prominent staff of experts and stable technical background our company is a world wide market leader for transmitting multimedia content through the internet.

Our colleagues work with unique technological solutions that bring a change in people’s pastime habits.

Websites run by our company offer users a new, interactive model of entertainment where they can meet with unsurpassed, virtual world experience they had never seen before. Millions use our services day by day.

Our skilled professional team is ready to fulfil any Customer demand. Each co-worker is an expert and active member of a professionally tuned system that focuses on the Customer.

Our colleagues’ professionalism, many years of experience in the industry and prominent technical background jointly guarantee that DuoDecad Ltd. remains the pioneer of the field maintaining its market leading position.

Our latest creation is oranum.com - an avant-garde way of delivering answers. To the site…

DuoDecad is a member of Docler Holding.